Yesterday, after almost 10 hours’ effort, I’ve finally imported all the posts, include slugs(so important for non-english users) but without comments from pLog1.0 to WordPress 2.0(RC3). Thanks to the author of RSS importer in WordPress2.0, that I was able to do the migration:

1. Make a little change to the rss2 template of pLog (templates\rss\rss20.template), adding a “name” which contains the slug info in each “item”. download the template file here

2. Modify the RSS importer of WordPress2.0 (wp-admin\import\rss.php) to make it able to import “slug” of pLog, and save the modified file as plog.php, upload this file to the server. download the importer here

3. Generate a RSS2.0 file which contains all the posts in your pLog by changing the “Number of recent items” setting in pLog.

4. Use the above plog importer in WordPress to import the above RSS2.0 file.

I made step3 & 4 on my own pc, cause the server on line has limit of memory occupation and script running time limit, so I had to restore the whole database to the server on line.

Used the same version of MySQL with the server, I’ve met so much problems when using a different version of MySQL, that’s why I spent all most 10 hours to finish this migration.

I’ve also create a 404.php file to guide the browsers from the old pLog URLs to the new URLs generated by wordpress. download 404.php here


colin , 2008-04-8   9:15 pm

mj, you can simply fill the RSS2 feed url of your plog into the browser, and then you can save the file, that’s the data file you need, it should contain all the post data of your plog.

btw, as I used this mothed several years ago, there may be some differences between the current version and the one I used, and I’m not sure if there are any other tools to do the migration.

mj , 2008-04-8   12:51 am

3. Generate a RSS2.0 file which contains all the posts in your pLog by changing the “Number of recent items” setting in pLog.??????????????? but how?????????????please explain

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